Gary Chung Chun Kau Biography :

Born to a grassroot family in the late 1940s of Hong Kong and being the eldest son with six other siblings. Gary is no stranger to hardship and great responsibilities. Despite being faced with tough living environments, Gary was able to weave his way into Diocesan Boys’ School and later on to the Hong Kong University where he graduated in 1974 with B.A. and B.ARCH Degrees.

Upon graduation, Gary was able to land his first major opportunity as a Project Architect at Kho Keim An & Associates Architects. Perhaps it was Gary’s childhood exposure to sub-standard domestic dwellings that has motivated him to produce highly efficient, usable and functional habitats very early in his career. Together with Gary’s hardworking and no-nonsense persona, he quickly became the Associate Partner at Kho & Cho Associates in 1980.

Four years later, with a firm clientele on hand, Gary ventured out himself and formed his own firm, Gary Chung & Associates, where he has undertaken project of all various sizes and nature ranging from domestic apartments, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, hotels, banks, shopping arcades and detached houses in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

In 1991, Gary has joined forces with his university school mate, Herbert Ie, to form Ie, Siu & Chung Architects Limited. The combined synergy of Gary and Herbert and their unwavering dedication to design sensible projects for the benefit of the client and end-user has remained the company’s mission until now.

Today, 25 years since the formation of Ie, Siu & Chung, Gary is ever more involved with every project undertaken by the firm. Although projects are mostly delegated to different architects and teams within the firm, Gary still manages and oversees important daily decisions.

Presently, Gary is the standing architectural consultant of The N.T. North District Manufactures Association of Hong Kong Limited, an Honorary Architect for the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, and a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects. With more than 40 years of experience up his sleeves, Gary is well renowned within the industry, trusted by his clients, and respected by his staff and family.


The firm of Ie, Siu & Chung Architects Ltd was formed in 1991. The Directors, Herbert Ie Szue Hong and Gary Chung Chun Kau, both graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1974, with B.A. and B.ARCH Degrees. Together they are Architect Authorized Persons under the Hong Kong Government’s List as well as members of F.H.K.I.A., R.I.B.A. and A.R.A.I.A. with 40 years of practical experience in the field.

2016 marks the 25th anniversary for Ie, Siu & Chung Architects Ltd. While celebrating this important milestone, we are proud to have been involved in numerous significant projects in the city and abroad. Moving ahead, we look forward to continue our contributions to the industry for many years to come.

Gary Chung Biography :
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